Kylie Jenner

Slacker and Steve - Kylie Jenner's New Car Is Insane! 10/8 (Audio)

I mean…she's a BILLIONAIRE. People are SLAMMING Kylie Jenner for posting a video of her showing off her $3 million Bugatti. What is grossest display of wealth you’ve seen?
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Scammed Woman

Slacker and Steve - No, a Prince Does Not Want to Send You Millions of Dollars 9/11 (Audio)

Justice was served! The Justice Department arrested 281 people for running internet scams and seized over $3.7 MILLION in the bust! What are your scammed stories?
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Hot Tub

Slacker and Steve - Not All Hot Tubs Are Created Equal 8/29 (Audio)

The average adult commits 8 “financial fails” a month which could lead to $315 in savings. The most commons were eating out instead of cooking at home, and online shopping. What are your financial fails?
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Couple Fighting Over Money

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She Went Against the Great Mate Debate Verdict, and Now She's Back to Fill Us In 8/26 (Audio)

A while ago, we had Jill and Dylan on our Great Mate Debate. Dylan’s dad wasn’t doing so great health wise. Jill wanted Dylan to reconnect with him, but Dylan wanted nothing to do with him. Well, Jill is back to give us an update. She ended up secretly meeting with his dad. He passed away and he...
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ATV Crash

Slacker and Steve - Their 4-Wheeler Was In 4 an Un4tunate Event 8/23 (Audio)

Life rule #8: NEVER LEND THINGS TO YOUR FRIENDS. It doesn’t matter how close they are, the odds of them returning the item, or money, are slim to none. What did you lend to a friend and didn’t get back?
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Making It Rain

Slacker and Steve - You Can Splurge On Everything When You're Steve 8/22 (Audio)

Most people would spend all of their money on traveling, food, or cars. If you won the lotto tonight, what’s the first thing you’d splurge on?
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Gold Digger Girl

BJ and Jamie - Experts Don't Date People Who Make More Than You 8/22 (Audio)

According to experts if you date someone who makes $36k you relationship will become strained and the person making more money will begin to resent the other!
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Man Paying for Dinner

Slacker and Steve - OPP - Is She Being Coddled or Controlled? 8/21 (Audio)

Amy loves her boyfriend, but she’s getting frustrated with one of his traditional ways: He insists on paying for everything. It’s gotten to the point where it is making Amy feel uncomfortable and a little independent. They recently went on some weekend vacations and Amy booked the hotels, but he...
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Bribing Teacher

Slacker and Steve - Spend Some G's, Get Some A's 8/20 (Audio)

We’ve heard of teachers taking bribes for better grades, but this might be the first professor who asked for moose meat for grades. What have you bribed someone for or been bribed for?
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Slacker and Steve - We Don't Know About You, but If We Found This, We Would Keep It! 8/8 (Audio)

Most people pick up seashells on the beach, but this person found $2 MILLION worth of cocaine. Another person found a pack of Sweet Tarts in their cereal bag. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What’s the coolest thing you’ve found?
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