Woman Exercising

Slacker and Steve - GMD - Her New Year's Resolution Is to Exercise, but Is She Being Excessive? 1/16 (Audio)

Jared and Danielle have a New Years resolution to get healthier and in shape, but Jared thinks Danielle is taking it too far. She has built a gym in the basement, and she has a tendency to go with a hobby for a few months, then gets bored. He thinks it’s all a waste of money and she’ll abandon it...
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Garage Sale

Slacker and Steve - There Are Treasures Hiding In That Junk! 12/3 (Audio)

Here’s one good thing about Alabama! They have an “Unclaimed Baggage Center” for well, unclaimed baggage that you can purchase! It’s like Storage Wars for suitcases! What’s the coolest thing you’ve found?
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OPP - She Wants to Help, but Not as A Personal Bank

Amanda needs some help with her friend who is asking too much. Amanda has helped her friend a lot. She’s a struggling single mom, and Amanda has given her a lot of money to help out. Her friend always says she’ll pay it back, but Amanda isn’t expecting it. Instead of just giving her money, Amanda...
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Ear Piercing

Slacker and Steve - Side Hustle? Tell Me About It, Stud! 11/1 (Audio)

I mean, this is a pretty smart, but illegal, side hustle…A woman who worked in a medical center was arrested for selling fake doctors notes to high school students so they could get out of class. What are your side hustles?
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Slacker and Steve - Embrace the Bouj! 10/25 (Audio)

Now this is boujee! One person paid for $1 MILLION for a parking spot in Hong Kong. Flexin’ on these haters. What’s the most boujee thing you’ve done?
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Family Exercising

Slacker and Steve - GMD - He Wants to Pay Their Daughter to Work Out, but Mom Isn't On Board 10/24 (Audio)

Sam and Kelly are married with two daughters. Their oldest daughter is 15 and isn’t obese, but Sam thinks she should drop a few pounds to be healthier. Sam is big into health and fitness, and wants his daughter to join him, so he wants to pay her to go to the gym with him. She doesn’t have a lot of...
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Above-Ground Pool

Slacker and Steve - Um, Honey, Are You Sure the Pool Will Fit In Our Yard? 10/17 (Audio)

That’s a lot of money…we spend $2,429 on impulse purchases each year and pretty much regret all of them. Clothing, jewelry, boats, and a piece of land that makes you a lord could all be impulse purchase. What’s your biggest impulse buy?
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Mom and Dad with Son

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She's Excited to Get Married, but Will They Really Be a Family? 10/14 (Audio)

Candy has a 6 year old child, and is about to remarry, but she has a problem. Her soon-to-be husband told her that even though they will be married, he will not pay for anything that the child needs. Should Candy's fiancé step up and help pay for her child since they will be a family, or does he...
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Kylie Jenner

Slacker and Steve - Kylie Jenner's New Car Is Insane! 10/8 (Audio)

I mean…she's a BILLIONAIRE. People are SLAMMING Kylie Jenner for posting a video of her showing off her $3 million Bugatti. What is grossest display of wealth you’ve seen?
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Scammed Woman

Slacker and Steve - No, a Prince Does Not Want to Send You Millions of Dollars 9/11 (Audio)

Justice was served! The Justice Department arrested 281 people for running internet scams and seized over $3.7 MILLION in the bust! What are your scammed stories?
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