BJ & Jamie: McDonald's Monopoly Game Was Rigged 7/31 (Audio)

A man has come forward saying that he rigged the McDonald’s Monopoly game so that his friends would be the only ones who won. The man was convicted of cheating but not before he made millionaires of his friends and family. Read this Whole Story HERE! Video of McDonald’s Monopoly Game Was Rigged by...
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Sam Hill: Dog Gets Unemployment and The Weirdest Donation Ever!

Happy Thursday! Did you hear about the dog in Michigan that was approved for unemployment benefits? Yeah, kinda makes you wonder about gov efficiency... or wonder more, rather. I once received a credit card offer for my cat. Dog gets approved for unemployment benefits: —...
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BJ & Jamie: Monopoly for Cheaters. 2/1

Monopoly has a cheating version. The makers have revamped the game and now you are encouraged to cheat and try to catch cheaters. The one fun aspect of the new version of the game is there really is a pair of hand cuffs attached to the jail you must wear. Read the Whole Story HERE! Video of...
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