Natasha Bedingfield

LISTEN: Carson & Amber Chat With Natasha Bedingfield About Her New Music & Her Show at The Gothic

Carson & Amber catch up with Natasha Bedingfield about her new album, 'Roll With Me' and what it's like to be a Mom on Tour. Natasha Bedingfield
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Alice 105.9

Alice Music

Monday - Friday 10am-3pm
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Walk Off The Earth

LISTEN: Carson & Amber Catch Up With Joel Cassady From Walk Off The Earth

Carson & Amber chat with Joel Cassady from Walk Off The Earth about their upcoming gig at Live In The Vinyard and their new album, 'Here We Go' that drops October 25. Carson & Amber Visit With Walk Off The Earth
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LISTEN: Carson & Amber Talk with Rachel Platten About Being a New Mom on The Road & New Music

Carson & Amber chat with Rachel Platten about going on tour as a new mom and her plans for new music in the future. Side note, she also accuses Carson & Amber of stalking her........ Carson & Amber Talk with Rachel Platten
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LISTEN: Carson & Amber Chat with Jewel About Her Big Role in The Wellness Your Way Festival

Carson & Amber chat with Singer-Songwriter, Actress, Mother, Author, Wellness Advocate & Co Founder of The Kroger Wellness Your Way Festival coming to The CO Convention Center August 16 - 18. Tickets on Sale at Carson & Amber Chat with Jewel
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Slacker and Steve - Rumor Has It Captain Kangaroo Wasn't Actually Fond of Kids 7/25 (Audio)

NOT CAPTAIN KANGAROO!! Ellen Barkin said “Captain Kangaroo to me to go f*uck myself.” Also, have you heard the real story of the Little Mermaid? Not as happy, at all. What other popular things have a secret dark side?
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Slacker and Steve - She's Singing Praises, but Wants Praises of Her Own 7/1 (Audio)

Margaret is getting some backlash at her church’s choir. The church has had some meetings and music was brought up a lot, specifically complaints about Margaret because she’s “too good.” A lot of the other choral singers are intimidated by her beautiful voice, and the church is taking their...
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Slacker and Steve - Chocolate Milk Might Actually Be Gross 2/18 (Audio)

Names like Sharona, Roxanne and Delilah have been ruined by songs. The act of inviting someone over to literally watch Netflix and hang out has been ruined. The word “daddy” has been DESTROYED. What was ruined for you?
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Slacker and Steve - These Songs Make Us Put the Pedal to the Metal 1/11 (Audio)

A man was pulled over for speeding and blamed Motley Crue. The officer agreed, because he was also listening to Motley Crue at the time. What songs make you speed when you hear them in the car?
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Slacker and Steve - How Many Teddy Bears Do You Need Before It's Considered a Shrine? 11/16 (Audio)

This college is so cool that they had a secret shrine in the bathroom dedicated to Danny DeVito. Unfortunately, the school shut it down due to “safety reasons.” Way to ruin the fun. Who/what did to make a shrine for?
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