Slacker and Steve - When She Went on Vacation, She Didn't Expect Everyone Else to be Naked! 3/27 (Audio)

A woman did whatever it took to rescue her dog, and that included running across six lanes of traffic naked. Another man strolled onto the Chicago O’Hare’s tarmac in the nude. What’s the crazy predicament you landed in while naked?
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BJ and Jamie - Naked Scuba Divers 1/2 (Audio)

Sounds kinda risky for a dude!
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Slacker and Steve - She Was Out for a Normal Walk With Her Dog, Until She Realized She Was Naked 10/22 (Audio)

Great way to sell furniture or straight humiliation? A woman tried to sell some furniture online…but didn’t catch something. The mirror showed a reflection of her naked boobs. Oops. What happened to you when you were naked?
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