Sam Hill: "Luck Yeah" Crappy Lottery Slogan and The Cutest Weatherman Ever

Was the New Hampshire Lottery's new catch phrase of "Luck Yeah!" clever? Kinda... but offensive? You tell me. New Hampshire Lottery swears off using its ‘Luck Yeah!’ campaign over profanity concern. — (@BostonDotCom) March 21, 2018 Alrighty... those of you who are...
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Newsreader is Too Focused on Storm Jonas Weather Report to Wipe Her Nose!

No matter how hard this newsreader tried to blink alluringly and smile at the camera, viewers just couldn't be distracted from her heavily running nose. Alexandra Koehn, a reporter at Nashville-based News Channel 5 was reporting on the storms blasting the US. As snot streamed from her nose, the...
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