National Football League rival

Denver Broncos Super Bowl Parade

Downtown Denver was crazy yesterday. The city estimates over 1 million people came down to the Denver Broncos Super Bowl Rally.
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Animals Predicting Broncos To Win The Super Bowl

Some puppies on the Jimmie Fallon picked the Broncos to win Some Piglets on the Micheal and Kelly Show picked the Broncos to win! A Porcupine named Teddy Bear picked the broncos to win!! This Tiger picked the Panthers to win, but clearly has a bias cause it's a cat. A greyhound track down in...
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Premature Patriots SB50 Tattoo

A New England Patriots fans celebrated a little too early when he got a tattoo declaring the Patriots Super Bowl 50 win, but we all know OUR DENVER BRONCOS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!! He should move to whatever African country gets this years premade loser's shirts, so he can fit in. He should've...
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