Parents and Kids in Bed

Slacker and Steve - OPP - Her Son Had a Nightmare at a Sleepover, but Did the Parents Do the Right Thing? 10/2 (Audio)

Candy’s son was recently at a sleepover when he started to have nightmares. Instead of calling his mom, the other kid’s parents invited him to sleep in their bed. Candy doesn’t think that the parents should have done that and actually thinks it was out of line. Should she confront the other parents...
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Slacker and Steve - Listen Flies, Do Your Worst to Me, but Leave My Dog Alone! 6/18 (Audio)

This is straight out of a NIGHTMARE. A plane was infested with ants! They were crawling on the passengers, the seats, and on the luggage. Another woman bought a loaf of bread that was all butt pieces. NOOOOOO. What are your real life nightmare stories?
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