Nurse Who Gave Birth After Having COVID-19 Fights for Life Following Cardiac Arrest

A New York nurse who contracted COVID-19 while pregnant is clinging to life. The 35-year-old gave birth after having COVID-19 is fighting for her life after going into cardiac arrest.
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Children's Hospital Colorado

Slacker and Steve - What Healthcare Heroes Are Going Through to Keep Us Safe 4/30 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk to healthcare heroes. Children's Hospital Colorado has taken over our show! We hear stories from healthcare heroes who are making huge sacrifices to keep us safe. To find out how you can help, go to
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What It's Like to Be a Healthcare Worker Away From Family While Fighting COVID-19

Luke Adams, a nurse who works in critical care, left his home in Pennslyvania to work on the coronavirus frontlines in New York City. He explains what it’s like to be a health care worker away from his family during this COVID-19 crisis.
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'We Have To Protect Each Other': Nurse Recovering From COVID-19 Shares Her Experience

A nurse from Illinois who is recovering from COVID-19 said she wants people to know they should take it seriously and should protect each other from it.
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Healthcare Hero

Slacker and Steve - You Won't Believe What Nurses on the Front Lines of Covid-19 Are Going Through 4/16 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk about healthcare heroes. The Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation has taken over Slacker and Steve today. Coronavirus has impacted all of our lives, but you won't believe what nurses on the frontlines are going through.
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Pregnant Nurse, 28, Dies of COVID-19, Doctors Save Her Baby in Emergency C-Section

A pregnant nurse has died from the coronavirus, but her baby survived after being delivered via emergency C-section. Read here heartbreaking story right here on RADIO.COM.
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Nurse Dies After Hospital Reportedly Failed to Give Her Proper Protective Gear

A Florida nurse who was treating coronavirus patients has died and her husband believes it’s because she wasn’t given proper protective equipment.
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Hospital Staff Cheers on Coronavirus Patient Leaving ICU in Emotional Video

As many continue to lose their lives during the coronavirus outbreak, many are also recovering. An emotional video shows doctors and nurses at a hospital cheering on a coronavirus patient leaving the ICU.
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Mother Covers Her ICU Nurse Daughter in Sheet to Give Her a Hug Amid Coronavirus

Cheryl Norton has been following social distancing rules amid the coronavirus pandemic. The mother covered her ICU nurse daughter in a sheet to give her a hug.
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Nurse Battling Coronavirus Says the Pain Is ‘Worse Than a Gunshot’

A Texas nurse stricken with coronavirus didn’t mince words when describing the horrific pain she was going through and said it was “worse than a gunshot.” Sharkea Williams shared her experience with COVID-19 in a video recorded from a hospital bed.
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