OJ Simpson

BJ and Jamie - BJ Almost Fought a Solicitor, Jamie Thought She Met a Cool Guy Turns Out He wasn't Cool 6/18 (Audio)

BJ almost fought a solicitor that came by his house yesterday. Jamie thought she met a wonderful guy during Pride and he turned out to be not cool at all. OJ Simpson is gonna lose his Twitter account 3 days in.
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BJ and Jamie - 3 Days After Making an Account OJ Simpson Makes Threats on Twitter 6/18

Well looks like OJ is gonna get his account suspended! C'mon man lmao OJ playin...DM number 2. He about to "cut" me. #OJSimpson -- pic.twitter.com/UX6z3PfBny — O.J. Simpson-- (@KillerOJSimpson) June 17, 2019
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BJ & Jamie: Where Do The Bikers at Sturgis Stay? 8/8 (Audio)

This week is Sturgis in South Dakota and Bj is wondering where do people stay? Reports this year is that 221,857 people showed up and there can’t be that many hotels. A caller gave us all the info, it turns out that people rent their yards and homes and farmers rent land for campers. Read the...
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