Slacker and Steve - What Do You Do When Your Tinder Date Won't Stop Talking About Macaroni and Cheese? 11/20 (Audio)

Online dating is still super popular, and with its popularity comes crazy stories that we want to hear. What was the worst Tinder date you had?
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Slacker and Steve - They Drove Across State Lines to Pick Up Some Halloween Decorations. They Didn't Know They Were In for a Big Trick 10/15 (Audio)

A man’s house was destroyed and trashed after a fake Craigslist ad was posted saying everything inside must go while he was on vacation. More than $10,000 of stuff was stolen, including some doors! What’s your Craigslist horror story?
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BJ & Jamie: Sean scammed by Online auction app. 10/18 (AUDIO)

BJ and Jamie think that sean is being scammed he is using a auction app and and has bought some stuff and is trying to get Jamie involved. Video of Tophatter
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