Mom and Dad with Son

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She's Excited to Get Married, but Will They Really Be a Family? 10/14 (Audio)

Candy has a 6 year old child, and is about to remarry, but she has a problem. Her soon-to-be husband told her that even though they will be married, he will not pay for anything that the child needs. Should Candy's fiancé step up and help pay for her child since they will be a family, or does he...
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Sleeping Baby

Slacker and Steve - OPP - This Kid Has a Name That's Out of This Galaxy! 10/9 (Audio)

Everyone wants their kid to have a unique or meaningful name, but Gina thinks her soon to be grandson’s name is too much. Her daughter and son-in-law want to name their son Anakin Darth. The parents love science fiction and want to incorporate that into the name, but Gina thinks they are setting up...
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Parents and Kids in Bed

Slacker and Steve - OPP - Her Son Had a Nightmare at a Sleepover, but Did the Parents Do the Right Thing? 10/2 (Audio)

Candy’s son was recently at a sleepover when he started to have nightmares. Instead of calling his mom, the other kid’s parents invited him to sleep in their bed. Candy doesn’t think that the parents should have done that and actually thinks it was out of line. Should she confront the other parents...
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Toddler Flushing the Toilet

Slacker and Steve - No One Needs More Than Four Squares of Toilet Paper! 10/1 (Audio)

Times have changed, and there are some weird rules that some of us had to follow, like no locking the bedroom doors, no touching the walls in the house, can’t spend the night at a friend’s more than once a month, no laughing at the dinner table...right…those kinds of rules. What are some of the...
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Kid Daydreaming

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She's Hiding Something from Her Boyfriend 9/25 (Audio)

Marissa has been dating her boyfriend for 7 months, and everything is great. Well, except a really important topic. They’ve started talking about what they see in their future, and he wants his own kids, and well, Marissa doesn’t. He’s the only male in his family and wants to continue his family...
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Screaming Sports Fan

Slacker and Steve - If Yelling Was In the Olympics, These Parents Would Medal! 9/24 (Audio)

ThIs Is WhY wE cAn’T hAvE nIcE tHiNgS! Too many parents are taking their kids’ sports too seriously that there aren’t enough referees. What’s the worst poor sport parent you’ve seen?
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Bad Mom

Slacker and Steve - We Love Moms...but Some of Them Are Just Plain Bad! 9/13 (Audio)

Even a 10 year old knows not to drink and drive. Talk about a bad mom. What's your bad mom story?
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Mom Homeschooling Her Daughter

Slacker and Steve - GMD - Should These Parents Homeschool Their Daughter? 9/5 (Audio)

Tim and Danielle have a 13 year old daughter who doesn’t really like her school and actually wants to be home schooled. Danielle thinks they should home school her. If she doesn’t like school now, she probably won’t like high school, so they should help her before it’s too late. Tim thinks she...
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Air Vent

Slacker and Steve - Her Daughter Discovered a New Toilet In"Vent"ion 8/30 (Audio)

This 16 year old didn’t like being called a thief, so he ran over a high school staff member. He was arrested later that night. Another 16 year old was arrested after taking control of a plane during a commercial flight. Kids these days.
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Teenager Home Alone

Slacker and Steve - GMD - He's a Great Kid, but Should They Leave Him Home Alone? 8/22 (Audio)

Justin and Anna are getting ready to leave for a 4 day vacation, and they were planning on taking their 14 year old son with them, but he recently changed his mind and wants to stay home. Anna thinks he’ll be fine and won’t cause any trouble. He hasn’t gotten into trouble in the past, and this will...
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