Sam Hill: Tay's Track List, Parrot Needs Help, Ranch Comes in a Keg Now and More!

Here are some of the things I talked about today. If this is your first time checking out the blog, know that I NEVER send my friends to clickbaity sites. If I include a link, it's to an acutal, legit story. Just so you know I don't like to waste your time! xo First things first- the tracklist for...
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BJ & Jamie: Parrot Helps Convict A Murderer. 7/21 (AUDIO)

An African Gray Parrot was used in a trial to convict a woman of murder. The Bird was used as a witness because the bird kept repeating “NO Don’t F’n Shoot” and he was saying it in the voice of the victim and kept saying over and over. Bird people are gross. Read the story HERE Video of amazing...
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BJ & Jamie: Parrot Witness To A Murder? (Audio)

A man in Michigan was murdered in May 2015, and reports now state that his pet parrot may have witnessed the crime. The parrot might have overheard the victim's final plea for his life before he was shot five times. The bird was shown in a video repeating Martin Durham's words shortly after his...
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