Slacker and Steve - Here's a Tip: Don't Tell Your Girlfriend She Doesn't Deserve Flowers 8/7 (Audio)

Lots of people steal hot sauce bottles or ketchup bottles, and they get away with it. Well not this thief. They stole two bottles of ketchup and their life got “turned to s***” after immediately getting into a car accident. Instant karma. What are your karma stories?
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Slacker and Steve - This Is What You Do Out of Spite When Your Boyfriend Is Being a Knit-Wit 3/22 (Audio)

WOW, GENIUS. Someone’s roommate owed them $10 for the internet, but only gave them $7, so they changed the Wi-Fi password so it was 10 digits long and only gave the roommate 7 of them. The roommate would get the rest after paying. What have you done out of spite?
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Slacker and Steve - Sometimes It's Just Quicker to Take the Stairs 3/20 (Audio)

Cheaters suck, but this woman might have taken it a too far. She accused him of cheating after he refused to show her his texts, so she grabbed a kitchen knife and chased him across six lanes of traffic. How have you gotten revenge on someone?
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