Sam Hill: Peeps Beer, Donut Shoes and No More Sharknado

And now... presenting.... Peep flavored beer!!! 100% would try. Would You Drink Beer Infused With Marshmallow Peeps? — (@Liquor) March 27, 2018 What do donuts and shoes have in common? I would guess you run so you can eat donuts.. or you run because you ate donuts...
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Sam Hill: New Peeps and Where to Get 'Em Plus The Return of the Banana Phone!

There are new Peeps flavors but if you want to try the lot of them, you'll have to hit up King Soopers, Target and Walmart depending on whether you want to try 'mystery' flavors, filled Neopolitan or pancakes and syrup. In Peeps news... Yeah, I would totally try the pancakes and syrup one. https://...
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