Slacker and Steve - Both Are Hard to Understand: Cats and Cat Owners! 4/25 (Audio)

This cat is not kitten around…she’s gotten in trouble with police 30 times, from fines, being put in kitty jail, and even euthanasia threats. What are your cat-ass-trophe stories?
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Slacker and Steve - OPP - She Thought She Was Doing the Right Thing, but Now Her Family Thinks She's a Monster 10/15 (Audio)

Anne did something that she feels awful about, but it might have been the right thing. She put down her 10 year old dog after finding a large tumor that would cost $3,000 for surgery. She told the vet to put him down then and there. When she got home, her kids were freaking out and her husband was...
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Survey: Puppies Make You More Attractive, Cats Make You Less Attractive

Cat lovers are going to hate this study. A new survey says that having a dog is sexier than having a cat. Petsies showed 1,000 respondents pictures of people that they were attracted to with and without dogs and cats . They were trying to figure out which looked more attractive. Petsies creates...
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