pet peeve

Slacker and Steve - It Should be Illegal to Not Return Your Shopping Cart! 3/7 (Audio)

We love dogs, but this should be a law. A town in New Jersey could give noisy pup’s owners some jail time if their dog barks continuously for over 20 minutes. What something you think oughta be a law?
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Slacker and Steve - People Who Walk On Their Toes and Other Things That Get Your Goat 2/6 (Audio)

UGH I CAN’T STAND THIS! Like when you write an email with three questions and they reply with only the answer to my first question, or when people finish paying at a register, but then don't move out of the way to put away their card/change/receipt/grab their bags so the next person can start their...
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Slacker and Steve - Slacker Leaves His Truck Running When He Gets Gas, and It Gets Steve's Goat 10/3 (Audio)

People who tailgate, people who chew their food loudly or when a show/book ends in a cliffhanger and gets cancelled! No, we can’t handle that. What gets your goat?
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