Slacker and Steve - Pampered Pets 8/13 (Audio)

A Texas woman recently threw her two-year-old Chihuahua Lupita Conchita, a quinceañera - a party typically thrown by those with Latin American roots to celebrate a girl's 15th birthday. The dog is two. But since one dog year is typically equated with seven human years, that makes Lupita Conchita 14...
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Top Five: Best Dog Parks In Denver

Where are the best dog parks in Denver?
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PHOTOS: Barbra Streisand Cloned Her Dog... Twice!

Barbra Streisand just revealed that she cloned her beloved dog, Samantha... twice!
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BJ & Jamie: Back Yard Chickens Are Making You Sick. 10/20 (AUDIO)

Chicken Danger!! 1,100 people in America have come down with salmonella due to holding and snuggling their chickens because they are not pets they are farm animals. Sean seems like he might be over his chickens and BJ says they should just go drop them off at KFC! Read the Whole Story HERE! Video...
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WATCH: Judge Judy Lets Dog Loose in the Courtroom to Make a Ruling

Yes, Judge Judy has gone to the dogs. The popular daytime TV judge let a dog help her with a verdict in a recent case. The clip highlighting the sometimes ruthless judge's has "gone viral" online this week.
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