Slacker and Steve - Running Out of Beer Is Not a Good Reason to Call 911 (Audio)

911 is for emergencies only, but that didn’t stop these people from calling. One woman kept calling because she was out of beer. Another person called because they had a toothache. One boy called for some math help…okay but math is hard. What’s the dumbest reason you’ve heard someone call 911?
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Slacker and Steve - A Customer Called for Help and Forgot to Hang Up Afterwards 10/22 (Audio)

That’s one way to turn yourself in…a woman pocket dialed 911. Emergencies responded and she explained the mistake, but they weren’t done with her yet. They did a quick check and found an active warrant for her arrest. What happened when you butt dialed?
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Slacker and Steve - It Took How Long for a Man to Realize He Had Swallowed a Lighter? 10/8 (Audio)

Doctors removed a lighter from a man's stomach. It turns out he swallowed it 20 years earlier. What have you ever accidentally swallowed?
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