Above-Ground Pool

Slacker and Steve - Um, Honey, Are You Sure the Pool Will Fit In Our Yard? 10/17 (Audio)

That’s a lot of money…we spend $2,429 on impulse purchases each year and pretty much regret all of them. Clothing, jewelry, boats, and a piece of land that makes you a lord could all be impulse purchase. What’s your biggest impulse buy?
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Slacker and Steve - GMD - Their New House Has a Pool, and She Wants to Make a Splash in the Neighborhood 7/11 (Audio)

Simon and Christine recently moved into a new house that has a backyard pool. Christine wants to host pool parties to get to know the neighbors, and to help their kids make friends. Simon doesn’t want to become that party house. He’s not worried about his kids because they can make friends at...
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BJ & Jamie: Woman Caught Shaving Her Legs In Public Pool 5/31

BJ found a story of a woman that is shaving her legs at the swimming pool at a hotel pool… Ewwww Read the whole story HERE Video of Woman caught shaving her legs in public swimming pool in Florida | Woman shaving in swimming pool
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