Prank call

BJ & Jamie: Prank Call App, BJ Tricks Sean. 9/20 (AUDIO)

BJ found out about a new app that will let you prank call anyone in your contact list, he tried it out last night on Jamie and Sean. Jamie did not fall for it but Sean and his wife were sucked right in. Check out and download the app HERE! Video of You Kicked My Dog PrankDial
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BJ & Jamie: BJ's Prank (Audio)

BJ duped Sean with the Prank Phone Call App. BJ was first pranked with it yesterday by a friend, and then he decided it was a good idea to try it on Jamie, but she didn’t answer, so it was Sean’s turn next. Listen below for the details of the prank calls.
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BJ & Jamie: Burger King Prank (Audio)

Employees at a Burger King in Coon Rapids, Minnesota we're convinced by a prank caller that their store was going to explode from a natural gas leak if they didn't smash out all the windows. Video of Prank Caller Convinces Coon Rapids Burger King Employees to Smash Windows
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