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Slacker and Steve

Slacker and Steve - OK Ladies, These Are the Men You Should Avoid! 9/4 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk about men you should avoid. Men tend to avoid *run away from* types of women who are teases, damsel in distresses, or ball busters….What type of men should women run away from?
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Slacker and Steve - Come On, People! Don't Leave Your Carts In the Middle of the Parking Lot! 5/13 (Audio)

There are some people you can look at and think “wow, that’s a good person” and then there are others…Do they line jump? Not a good person. Do they leave trash in a movie theater? Not a good person. Do they leave their shopping carts in a parking space? Definitely not a good person. What are your...
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