Slacker and Steve - We're Pretty Sure You Can't Sword Fight to Settle a Divorce 1/15 (Audio)

Divorces can be UGLY! So bad, that one guy asked the judge to allow him to engage in a samurai sword fight with his ex-wife to settle things…What are your dirty divorce stories?
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Couple Holding Hands

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She's Never Dated Anyone Like This Before. Should She Go For It? 1/15 (Audio)

Tiffany was asked out by a trans man, and she considers herself to be a straight female. She’s attracted to a masculine man type, and that’s what this new potential partner is, but she’s a little nervous and scared. What can she expect? What could be different? How can she handle the strong...
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Online Dating

Slacker and Steve - "Your Tinder Bio Didn't Mention You Were a Robber!" 1/13 (Audio)

Well…that wasn’t on his Tinder bio. A man was arrested for stealing from women he met on dating apps. He’s facing 33 felony charges. What’s are your Tinder tales?
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Woman in Disguise

Slacker and Steve - Following Your Ex While Wearing a Disguise...Now Thats Cray Cray! 1/10 (Audio)

There are some moments when YOU JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE, but we’d never do this! A woman was tired about the long wait at a DMV and caused over $23,000 of damage! When did you just lose it?
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Couple Brushing Their Teeth

Slacker and Steve - What Kind of Person Eats After Brushing Their Teeth!? 1/9 (Audio)

We can’t date if you’re one of those people that claps when the plane lands. What are your dating deal breakers?
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Bride on a Plane

Slacker and Steve - She Took a Plane to Chase After Her True Love 1/8 (Audio)

True love at it’s finest. A drunk man was begging officers to arrest him…so he could be with his girlfriend who was in jail. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love?
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Needy Boyfriend

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She Loves Her Boyfriend, but Is He Too Needy? 1/6 (Audio)

Dawn works from home, and her boyfriend is currently unemployed, so they spend almost every minute of every day together. He gets a little jealous when Dawn goes out with friends, because he doesn’t really have any, or he’ll get angry that she doesn’t invite him. She thinks he has become too needy...
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Disapproving Mom

Slacker and Steve - OPP - Her Son Has a New Life, and She's Afraid She'll Never See Him Again 12/18 (Audio)

Elizabeth’s son has been with the same girl for 6 years, and he’s not the same anymore. At first, everything was great, but after a year, both the girlfriend and her mom became very possessive over her son. When he turned 20, he completely cut contact with his family, and will only talk to them to...
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Pathetic Proposal

Slacker and Steve - We Can't Believe These Proposals Actually Worked! 12/4 (Audio)

Love will make you do crazy things, like proposing by putting an engagement ring in a KFC bowl. To each their own. How did you propose/how were you proposed to?
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Woman Upset with Her Dad

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She Caught Her Dad Cheating, and Doesn't Know What to Do Next 12/2 (Audio)

Deanna caught her dad having dinner with another woman. She knew that her parent’s marriage was a sham, even though it looked perfect from the outside. They looked more like business partners than a couple. Still, seeing her dad out with another woman was shocking, and she doesn’t know what to do...
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