Slacker and Steve - When the Landlord Came to Check on the Tenants, the Entire House Was Painted Black 11/8 (Audio)

A man is being evicted after cops found a 7 foot alligator living in his home. He also had 3 pythons, a rabbit, and cats in his home. Another person’s landlord set up a camera in their living room and didn’t tell their tenant. What’s your crazy landlord story?
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PHOTOS: Idina Menzel Looked Like a Disney Princess at Her Wedding This Weekend to Aaron Lohr

Frozen star and Broadway actress Idina Menzel looked like a gorgeous Disney princess at her wedding to Aaron Lohr this weekend. The 46-year-old actress met the 41-year-old actor on the set of the 2005 film adaption of the Broadway smash hit play Rent . Lohr and Menzel have been dating for two years...
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