Is It Safe to Rent an Airbnb or Vacation Rental Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Airbnb rentals have often been viewed as a more private and isolated alternative to hotels, but now that social distancing measures are being enforced, people are more likely to book a vacation home rental over a hotel room. Is it safe? Find out.
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Slacker and Steve - She Found a Way to Profit Off Their Relationship, and Now He Wants His Cut 8/7 (Audio)

Alyssa has been dating her boyfriend for a while, and although it’s not official, they pretty much live together at his place. Alyssa still owns her condo, even though she’s rarely there, and wants to start making some more money, so she listed it on Airbnb without telling her boyfriend about it...
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Slacker and Steve - This Airbnb Guest Wanted Some Fresh Air, but Took It Too Far 3/11 (Audio)

Oh noooo. A man rented out his condo and returned to find his $50,000 wine collection had been stolen. Slacker’s worst nightmare. The thieves also stole some electronics, pots and pans, and a toilet seat and used a stolen credit card to rent the condo. What are your Airbnb/VRBO horror stories?
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