Slacker and Steve - We All Use Them, Now Let's Hear About Them: It's Toilet Time! 12/7 (Audio)

Well, that’s weird. One man got a little too drunk while on a flight, stole a life vest and tried to flush it down the toilet. What did he think was going to happen? Another woman sat on a toilet…for TWO YEARS. Her skin GREW AROUND THE SEAT. WHY? What are your toilet tales?
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Slacker and Steve - These Poor(celain) People! It's Time for Toilet Tales! 10/24 (Audio)

We never thought we’d say this sentence: 1.4 million toilet flushing systems have been recalled because of an exploding hazard. Literally exploding toilets. Also, a 6 foot long snake slithered its way out of the porcelain throne. What’s your toilet tale?
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