BJ & Jamie: Michael Phelps wins another Gold in RIO! 8/10

Michael Phelps won his second and THIRD gold medals of the Rio Games Tuesday. Phelps has now won 21 gold medals in his Olympic career, and 25 medals in total. First, Phelps regained his Olympic 200-meter butterfly title by beating the man who took it away from him four years earlier. Phelps dusted...
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BJ & Jamie: Gisele In Opening Ceremony In Rio (Audio)

The opening ceremonies in Rio this week will be interesting. The director, Fernando Meirelles will shine a spotlight on the best of Brazil during the three hour event, but as Gisele Bundchen walks down a catwalk, she is held up by an actor and robbed. This stunt was put in the ceremony to shed...
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BJ & Jamie: Rio Still Not Acceptable (Audio)

More problems for Rio before the start of the Olympics on August 5th. A bloated corpse was found floating the in the bay where Olympic swimmers and sailors will compete. Competitors have been told to keep their mouths shut because of the pollution in the water. One doctor stated that the marathon...
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