Road Rage

BJ & Jamie: Baseball Bat Attacks and Corey Feldman stabbed. 3/28 (Audio)

It must be Baseball season because there are several stories of road rage that end up with someone getting hit with a bat or window being broken out with a bat. There is a report that Corey Feldman was stabbed in the stomach by someone who is trying to silence him. Now TMZ is saying there is no...
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Which One is the Road Rage Lunatic???

You're in for a BIG surprise....
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BJ & Jamie: Colorado Hunter Was Not Sexually Assaulted By Bigfoot. 9/31 (AUDIO)

The man who claimed he was sexually assaulted by Big foot is a fake story and we are sad. Also a trucked wrecked with 100s of Pigs on board. Road rage is a real thing one man spray paints a big penis on another man’s car. Read about the hunter HERE Fake News check out story on Snopes. HERE Read the...
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