Road safety

BJ & Jamie: Beer Truck Lost it Load. 7/18 (AUDIO)

The only casualty was the beer – about 42,100 pounds of it. Last week, a semi-truck driver was westbound on Wolf Creek Pass when the brakes went out just over the top of the pass, said Durango resident Rachel Smith, who was traveling behind the semi. Read the Story and watch the Video HERE Video of...
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BJ & Jamie: Car Stories: Distracted drivers and mad wives. 3/15 (AUDIO)

Bj has a friend that was in a bad car crash, he was hit head on by a distracted driver. The other driver was watching a video on his phone when he crossed the center line. We talk about all the distracted drivers on the road, we have all seen someone reading a book and driving not just texting. A...
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Distracted Drivers

Yi! Distracted drivers are all over the road. Are you one or have you seen one? A Minnesota man ticketed for distracted driving had a novel excuse -- he was engrossed in a James Patterson novel. The Eagan Police Department said the man was pulled over when an officer noticed the motorist didn't...
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