Bride on a Plane

Slacker and Steve - She Took a Plane to Chase After Her True Love 1/8 (Audio)

True love at it’s finest. A drunk man was begging officers to arrest him…so he could be with his girlfriend who was in jail. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love?
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Slacker and Steve - Popping the Question Doesn't Always Go As Planned! 7/31 (Audio)

WOOOOW. Only 4% of women want to say “I love you” first. It can be scary, and it can go VERY wrong, like being cut off in the middle of saying it only to be told that they’re seeing someone else. What are your I love you fails?
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Slacker and Steve - That's a Stinky Place to Hookup! 3/11 (Audio)

A lot of frisky bucket lists include in a car, in the water, using a toy, and role-playing, but be careful. This couple got arrested after doing it in a water-park hot tub. What are your hillbilly hookups?
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Slacker and Steve - To Land This Date, He Had to Soar to New Heights 2/19 (Audio)

Love makes us do crazy things, like getting their name tattooed, stealing a car to drive thousands of miles away, or pick up running as a hobby. What’s the most bizarre way you’ve tried to prove your love?
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