Slacker and Steve - We Got Updated on the Teresa and Cathy Situation, and It's Not Good 1/8 (Audio)

So…it’s clear that Teresa and Cathy aren’t friends anymore…What’s the stupid reason you’re not friends with someone anymore?
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Slacker and Steve - Chocolate Milk Might Actually Be Gross 10/11 (Audio)

Names like Sharona, Roxanne and Delilah have been ruined by songs. The act of inviting someone over to literally watch Netflix and hang out has been ruined. The word “daddy” has been DESTROYED. What was ruined for you?
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Slacker and Steve - Can Steve Ruin It - The Volunteer Kitty Sleeper

A 75 year old man has gone viral after photos of him taking naps with shelter cats were posted online. The "Cat Grandpa" volunteers at the Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay, WI., and is now a local celebrity. Can Steve ruin this cute story?
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