BJ & Jamie: Live Bear Safety Lesson (Audio) 5/25

BJ & Jamie are concerned that Coloradans are disproportionately at risk for bear attacks! Follow this simple lesson to beef up your knowledge of bear safety , and bear defense measures. Featuring a live bear!... or BJ's best attempt at method acting. And, see why Jamie got herself installed as...
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BJ & Jamie: Guy honks at undercover cop (Audio)

Truck driver honks at an unmarked police car and the cop freaks out! read the whole story here. Video of Police stop November 3, 2017
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BJ & Jamie: Bj has a bad Turkey Frying story! 11/21 (AUDIO)

Bj’s Deep fried Turkey story.. the woman who lived above him in a condo complex tried to fry one and did id on her deck and the bird was frozen and she caused a big fire and ruined Thanksgiving. Video of Deep Fried Turkey Accidents
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