Santa Claus

BJ & Jamie: Toronto Woman Berates Mall Santa. 11/28 (AUDIO)

There is a woman in Toronto and she was at the mall and not at all happy with the Mall Santa. She starts yelling at him that he is fake and he doesn’t even have a sleigh! BJ once took his dogs to get pictures with Santa and he was a 25 year old kid with Converse on. Read the whole story about the...
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BJ & Jamie: Santa Shares Heart-Wrenching Experience (Audio) 12/15

"Santa" was called to an ICU to grant a last wish to a terminally ill 5 year old boy. Some skeptics out there say the story may be false, but nothing will make you more thankful for what you have this holiday season. Keep the tissues handy!! Video of RAW: Santa describes granting child's...
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BJ & Jamie: Phone Calls to Santa for Christmas. 11/30 (AUDIO)

BJ has Santa’s phone number. All the kids can call and talk to him about all the things you want for Christmas. One Year Jamie did a Live Web Chat with Santa… Call Santa at 951-262-3026 BJ wants to know from Sean Where the Hell are our Hatchimals! Sean promises he has been in contact with his guy...
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