Woman Duped Into Sending Life Savings by FedEx in Coronavirus Scam

A woman in South Florida says she lost her life savings when she was targeted in a coronavirus scam by someone claiming to be with the Social Security Administration.
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Authorities Warn of Coronavirus Tracing Text Message Scams

Contact tracing identifies those who come in contact with a COVID-19 positive person. Scammers are pretending to be ‘contact tracers’ to get personal information out of people. Read more about the new scam authorities are warning about.
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Lemonade Stand

Slacker and Steve - These Lemonade Stands Have a Sour Side! 2/13 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk about why they're going to hell. It turns out everybody on the show has done some pretty bad things! Why are you going to hell?
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$1,100 For the Car? No, How About $200?

This must have been a surprise! A man found his own condo up for rent on Craigslist! What are your crazy Craigslist stories?
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Slacker and Steve - Make Sure You Check the Box Before Buying! 4/30 (Audio)

If a celebrity is talking to you on social media and asking you for money, IT’S PROBABLY A SCAM, but this woman fell for it. She ended up giving the guy HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Yikes. When have you been scammed?
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BJ and Jamie - Widow Scammed for 270k 12/18 (Audio)

This poor old lady thought she was investing her life savings into a land development, but she was just getting scammed.
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Holiday Scams. Keep Your Eye's Open. 12/17

NETFLIX Scam is a new thing. This time of year there are a lot of scam going on so be aware and don’t just give people your Credit Card until you investigate who is asking you for money. Read all about the NETFLIX scam HERE!
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BJ and Jamie - Porn Scam 11/30 (Audio)

This security company wants you to know these scammers don't have video of you watching porn!!
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Slacker and Steve - Contrary to Popular Belief, If Bruce Springsteen Asks You For Money, It's a Scam 9/27 (Audio)

The chances that Bruce Springsteen will ask you for money are VERY slim, but people are still believing it. One woman ended up sending “Bruce” $11,500 but it was just someone claiming to be “The Boss.” When have you been scammed?
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Cruze Loses it on a Fake IRS Agent!

i mean........ LOSES it!
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