BJ & Jamie: Jury Duty Scams and Nexflix scam emails. 11/13 (AUDIO)

There is a Jury Duty scam going on and Jamie has a Jury Summons and BJ is wondering if she is part of the scam.. A woman was contacted by a man saying he was from the police and she missed jury duty and was going to be arrested if she did not send him $500 in Gift cards.. she did it. There is also...
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BJ & Jamie: *WARNING* Google Docs Scam! 5/4 (AUDIO)

There is a Google Doc Scam.. The email will come from someone you know and look like something you need to know. But Attached to the email will be a virus in the Google doc and it will kill your computer. Read the whole Story HERE! Video of Google Docs Phishing Scam
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