Slacker and Steve - We Will Never Forget That One Scene in 'Marley and Me' That Changed Our Lives Forever 3/12 (Audio)

Being a kid means not listening to rules and staying up late to watch movies you’re not supposed to, but sometimes those movies scar you for life, like Jeepers Creepers, Pet Sematary, or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the boat scene is traumatizing). What movie scarred you for life?
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Slacker and Steve - She Went Out to the Club With Her Friends, and Never Expected to See This Person 10/18 (Audio)

MY EYYYEEEES! A man posted a picture to the internet to get an answer of what this mysterious tool in his dad’s toolbox was….not the answer he was expecting. They were nipple toys. Yikes. What’s something you can’t unsee?
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