Try Not To Quack Up

This is nothing to quack up about...wild turkeys are taking over a New Jersey neighborhood and attacking their residents. What are your bird stories?
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Slacker and Steve - Will Steve Believe in Ghosts After Hearing These Stories? 10/31 (Audio)

It's the SPOOKIEST DAY OF THE YEAR! What are your paranormal encounter stories?
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Haunted House

Slacker and Steve - The Actors Do WHAT In the Haunted Houses!? 10/22 (Audio)

We haven’t been to a haunted house this season, and we might be okay with that! Fight or Flight? Most people flight, but come on! You’re paying to get scared! What are your haunted house confessions?
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Scared Child

Slacker and Steve - "Mom, There's a Ghost In the Room" 10/22 (Audio)

Kids can be cute, but they can also say the creepiest sh*t, like one kiddo who told her dad "daddy, I love you so much that I want to cut your head off and carry it around so I can see your face whenever I want." OKAY THEN...What's the creepiest thing your kid has said?
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Scared Woman

Slacker and Steve - What She Found Outside Her Window Left Her Speechless! 10/21 (Audio)

Note to self: Don’t live next to a meat locker. This family was forced to MOVE OUT of their house because their basement FLOODED with FIVE INCHES of BLOOD AND ANIMAL TISSUES. What’s a real life nightmare you’ve seen?
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Slacker and Steve - These People Had Close Encounters With Murderers! 10/8 (Audio)

Confession time! We all have a little dark secret. What’s your biggest family secret, or maybe you know a murderer? (you can DM it to us and we'll share it in the comments anonymously)
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Slacker and Steve - What Did the Buffalo Say When His Son Left for College? Bison 10/3 (Audio)

This animal said "bi-son" after attacking a woman. She was supposed to go on a date with a man who was attacked by a bison in the same park! What are your crazy animal encounters?
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Man Running

Slacker and Steve - These People Shouldn't Be Alive! 9/24 (Audio)

A hiker was injured after falling down a 20ft waterfall and had to “carry” his broken leg while crawling for two days to be rescued. How have you escaped death?
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Slacker and Steve - Steve Does This All the Time. He Can't Believe Slacker Hasn't 9/5 (Audio)

There are some kids’ movies where you just think “how the heck are these kids’ movies?!” Like Coraline with those button eyes and the parents in the “other” world. Have you ever walked out of a movie? Which one and why?
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Scared Pilot

Slacker and Steve - As He Reached New Heights, So Did His Fears! 9/3 (Audio)

This is the stuff of NIGHTMARES. A man had his first flying lesson and had to land the plane BY HIMSELF because his instructor PASSED OUT. What’s the craziest thing that happened to you that’s the stuff of nightmares?
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