Angry Teacher

Slacker and Steve - Slacker and Steve Both Had Violent Run-Ins With Their Teachers 1/16 (Audio)

There are some teachers you remember for good reasons, like they inspired you so much that it changed your career path, and then there are those you remember because they are just terrible and hooked up with students. What are your terrible teacher stories?
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Slacker and Steve - GMD - Their Daughter Is an Influencer, but Should She Leave College? 1/9 (Audio)

Chris and Nicole have a daughter who wants to make a big change. She wants to drop out of college and pursue her dream of becoming an Instagram influencer. Nicole says go for it. People are making livings off of it, and hard work pays off. Chris doesn’t think it’s the smartest thing to do, and she...
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Terrible Teacher

Slacker and Steve - Some Students Cut Class, Others Get Their Hair Cut! 9/25

Talk about a class act. A teacher in New Hampshire decided the best way to reprimand a student for looking at her hair, would be to cut a chunk off. What are your terrible teacher stories?
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Slacker and Steve - Cougars Are Great for Mascots, Not for Show and Tell 9/24 (Audio)

Uhhh, kiddo, you should probably give that back to your mom… A little boy brought his mom’s menstrual cup to school for show and tell, thinking it was a toy. A little cute. What are your show and tell stories?
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Mom Homeschooling Her Daughter

Slacker and Steve - GMD - Should These Parents Homeschool Their Daughter? 9/5 (Audio)

Tim and Danielle have a 13 year old daughter who doesn’t really like her school and actually wants to be home schooled. Danielle thinks they should home school her. If she doesn’t like school now, she probably won’t like high school, so they should help her before it’s too late. Tim thinks she...
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Slacker and Steve - Not Everything Is Appropriate for Show and Tell 8/29 (Audio)

Those gummies aren’t kid friendly…A boy brought pot gummy bears and shared them with classmates. The mother was arrested. What are your show and tell gone wrong stories?
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BJ and Jamie - Do You Take A Picture For Every First Day of School 8/7 (Audio)

Do you dress your kid up and make them hold a sign that says what grade they are starting that year? Jamie has never done that and she feels bad for not doing it!
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BJ and Jamie - Jamie is Going Back To School Shopping Today 7/31 (Audio)

Jamie is going back to school shopping today and she is not looking forward to it!! Have you gotten yours done yet??
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Slacker and Steve - Can't Beat 'Em? Cheat! 6/19 (Audio)

These students would rather learn Morse Code than actually study for a test?! They created a vibrating pen and used Morse Code to talk to each other during tests. How did you cheat your way through school?
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Slacker and Steve - These Band Teachers Should Be Banned! 6/6 (Audio)

There are some teachers who you can’t thank enough, and then some who make you wonder how they even became a teacher. This teacher was blackmailed by a student for after having an affair. What are your terrible teacher stories?
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