Slacker and Steve - Drinking Might be Good for You? Say No More! 7/2 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk about alcohol. A new study finds that light drinking is good for you, as long as you limit it to one or two drinks per day. You don't have to tell us twice! What's your favorite drink?
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Slacker and Steve - This Woman Found Out She Was Adopted by Accidentally Going on a Date With Her Real Father 11/21 (Audio)

A teenage girl found out that her father was not her biological father through her biology class. Those good ol’ Punnet Squares. What’s the weird way you found something out?
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Exact Time to Dunk an Oreo, According to Science

The perfect amount of time you should be dunking your Oreos, actually backed by research, is...
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Want to Live Longer? See More Concerts, Science Says

Science says the more shows the merrier.
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Science Cracks the Code: This is What a Good Dancer Looks Like

Find out what a good dancer looks like … and also what a bad dancer looks like. Because science.
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It's Better to be Single, According to Science

Still single after Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry. You're better off than your married friends, according to science. In fact, Business Insider just looked into some recent studies that explored this topic, and here are two benefits that scientists agreed about: Being Single Increases the Social...
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Your Cell Phone Could Be Putting You In a Bad Mood

Do you ever feel like constant notifications from your phone could cause a bad mood? A new study actually backs this theory up. If you asked me last week, I would have said maybe a bit. After the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday, I completely think that notifications can change our...
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WARNING: There Are Tons of Counterfeit Eclipse Glasses Hitting the Market

Yes, you need the right kind of glasses for the solar eclipse, but there are TONS of counterfeit pairs of glasses hitting the market. How can you avoid being scammed? We've got you covered:
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