Man Crying While Watching a Movie

Slacker and Steve - He Won't Admit It, but Steve Loves Rom Coms 2/21 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve discuss their guilty pleasures. Steve won't admit it, but he loves rom coms. What's your guilty pleasure?
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Talking With Mom

OPP - Should She Tell Her Mom Before He Dies?

Candy wrote us a letter, and she really needs some help deciding what to do. She found out that her mom’s ex-fiancé was diagnosed with cancer, and won’t be here for much longer. Well, he used to touch Candy inappropriately when she was younger. She’s never told her mom about it, and is wondering if...
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Haunted House

Slacker and Steve - The Actors Do WHAT In the Haunted Houses!? 10/22 (Audio)

We haven’t been to a haunted house this season, and we might be okay with that! Fight or Flight? Most people flight, but come on! You’re paying to get scared! What are your haunted house confessions?
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Slacker and Steve - He Hid Something from His Girlfriend, and May Have Toupee For It 7/10 (Audio)

Erica has been dating her boyfriend for 6 months, and everything has been great. EXCEPT THIS. She found out he wears a toupee. She is having a hard time getting over it. She doesn’t mind that he’s losing his hair, and actually thinks he’d look better bald, but a toupee gives her the heeby-jeebies...
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Slacker and Steve - That Second Copy of Your Receipt Is More Important Than You Think 2/12 (Audio)

Kids can take their first steps or say their first words while at daycare, and most of the time, the employees won’t tell the parents because they don’t want the parents to feel bad about missing it. What are your profession confessions?
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Slacker and Steve - It's Gonna Be A While Before We Eat Peanut Butter Again 1/16 (Audio)

We’re going to guess she was making a five dollar foot long…A Subway worker was caught with her bare feet on the counter. Ew. What are your food industry secrets?
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Slacker and Steve - OPP - She Has a Chance to Get A Lot of Money, but It Might Ruin Her Marriage 1/9 (Audio)

Melinda's marriage had some rough patches in the past. She ended up meeting up with a friend’s father who was an attorney and had an affair with him. She knew it was wrong and broke it off to save her marriage. Her marriage worked out and she is still with her husband today, but things have taken a...
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Slacker and Steve - If You Check a Skateboard at the Airport, the Workers Are Definitely Riding It 12/27 (Audio)

Everyone learns something in their field of work that makes work a little easier. Tips and tricks are told to help people out when dealing with a certain industry. Did you know that if you check a skateboard by just slapping a sticker on it, it will get ridden by baggage handlers at the airport? If...
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Slacker and Steve - OPP - She Doesn't Want to Out Her Friend, but She Can't Standby and Let Him Hurt People 12/17 (Audio)

Devin has a gay friend, but he’s dating a woman because his family doesn’t know yet. His girlfriend doesn’t even know he’s gay, which makes Devin feel uncomfortable when they all go out. Devin has been good friends with his girlfriend for a long time so telling the truth is not an option anymore...
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Slacker and Steve - Skeleton's In The Closet 8/6 (audio)

A teen was stripped of the prestigious Maine Sea Goddess pageant crown over inappropriate photos on social media. Another person admitted they get to work 30 minutes early. His wife thinks it’s because of his military training, but it’s actually because he watches a re-run of Dog the Bounty Hunter...
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