BJ & Jamie: Apu of The Simpsons faces Criticism 4/10

Simpsons under fire over the character Apu. People are saying that it is offensive to have a white man doing the voice and Apu’s accent is a stereotype. The Simpson’s have been on for over 28 years, it’s a bit late to start complaining about him. Everyone is so uptight now a days. Read the whole...
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Sam Hill: Are Santa's Reindeer Are Actually Females, Cow Keeps Escaping Nativity Scene and The Simpsons Predict Another Big Event Accurately!

In case you missed it- Peyton Manning surprised some people at DIA recently and it was awesome! Video of DEN ZEN: Peyton Manning Surprises Passengers at Denver International Airport Away from the manger: Stormy the cow escapes twice from a Philadelphia church's live nativity scene.
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The Real Reason Why Ed Sheeran Deleted His Twitter Account

Rumors have swirled this week that Ed Sheeran deleted his Twitter account earlier this week becuase he was facing too much criticism after his appearance on Sunday's episode HBO's Game of Thrones . Those rumors are not really true. If you'll recall, Ed has previously spoken out against the toxic...
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