Singing into hairbrush

Slacker and Steve - Amber rocks out when she's by herself! 10/19 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk about weird stuff they do when they're alone. It's safe to admit we all talk to our pets, especially when we're home alone with them, those turn into full conversations. Some of gets a little weird. What's the weird thing you do when your...
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Slacker and Steve - She's Singing Praises, but Wants Praises of Her Own 7/1 (Audio)

Margaret is getting some backlash at her church’s choir. The church has had some meetings and music was brought up a lot, specifically complaints about Margaret because she’s “too good.” A lot of the other choral singers are intimidated by her beautiful voice, and the church is taking their...
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Slacker and Steve - GMD - Their Daughter Has a Bright Future, but They Don't Know If It's the Right Future 3/14 (Audio)

Ken and Rachelle have a beautiful, outgoing 6 year old daughter. Even at her young age, people will stop her in the street to compliment her. Ken thinks him and Rachelle should hire a talent agent for their daughter. Rachelle believes putting their daughter through possible child stardom would...
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BJ & Jamie: Kesha's performance at the Grammy's was touching. 1/29 (Audio)

Kesha performed her song ‘Praying’ and it was very powerful. The song is about the abuse that she suffered at the hand of her producer. She did sue him but is still in contract with him so she has to make 2 more albums for him so we think she should do like an Easter album or a St. Patrick’s day...
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BJ & Jamie: Randy Travis Naked DUI Arrest. 12/5 (AUDIO)

Country Star Randy Travis was fight to keep the video of his DUI arrest private... But the courts allowed them to be released and we see why he wanted them sealed. Read the Whole Story HERE!
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