Slacker and Steve - We Take Board Games Seriously! 6/22 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve discuss board games. Does it actually take skill to be successful at board games, or is it all luck? Do board games qualify as "sports"? It turns out we have some strong feelings about board games! What's your favorite?
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He Gets Rid of Bugs HOW?!

This guy might not have nunchuck skills or computer hacking skills, but you know what skill he does have? He can kill mosquitoes with his toots. What's your useless special skill?
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Slacker and Steve - These Talents Are Great...Depending on Your Definition of "Talent" 12/7 (Audio)

Whether it's crying like a baby, or being able to burp nonstop, everyone has a talent! It's time for a telephone talent show!
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Slacker and Steve - Naming 27 Cheeses and Saying Your ABCs Backwards. It's Time for Telephone Talent Show! 11/7 (Audio)

A Wisconsin woman was able to name 27 different cheeses in 30 seconds. That’s some talent. What’s your talent?
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