Slacker and Steve


Slacker and Steve - "Captain, Does the Submarine Feel Heavy to You?" 9/17 (Audio)

Nothing like building a submarine, only to realize the decimal was in the wrong place and its 70 TONS TOO HEAVY. YOU HAD ONE JOB. What are your “you had one job” stories?
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Woman Throwing Clothes

Slacker and Steve - He Was Out All Night. When He Returned, His Clothes Were Gone 9/17 (Audio)

That hurts. Liam Hemsworth learned about his split from Miley Cyrus from social media! Another man was angry his girlfriend broke up with him, and he decided it was a good idea to get revenge on her by sharing naked photos of her...just a reminder, THAT IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA. Don’t be that guy. What...
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Slacker and Steve - Aren't Emojis Supposed to Make You Happy? 9/17 (Audio)

Don’t you just hate calls from unknown numbers, bad WiFi connections, when your sock falls down inside your shoe, or how you have to pay to park at hospitals!? What are your biggest life inconveniences?
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Boss Holding Fish

Slacker and Steve - She Left Her Boss a Smelly Surprise 9/17 (Audio)

So, there’s a few weird things about this story… 1. People in New Zealand are given a heads up if they’re getting fired and they are legally allowed to bring a “support person,” (typically a friend, spouse, lawyer) but, 2. This guy brought a clown to just sit there and make balloons while the guy...
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Cat Out of the Bag

Slacker and Steve - The Cat's Out of the Bag on Public Transportation! 9/16 (Audio)

We are all for public transportation, but if you’re going to use it, don’t do this…One man shaved his head while on the Subway. Another man clipped his toenails while on the bus. Ick. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on public transportation?
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Woman Holding Her Dad's Hand

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She Wants to Meet Her Dad for the First Time, but Does He Know She Exists? 9/16 (Audio)

Ronnie has never knows who her dad is, but thanks to a DNA test, she has found him. Her mom says that he is a terrible person and she doesn't want Ronnie to reach out to him. Ronnie feels empty without knowing her dad and wants to talk to him. She just doesn't want to hurt her mom by finding him...
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Gravy Boat

Slacker and Steve - Forget the Lamp, This Genie Lives in a Gravy Boat 9/16 (Audio)

You have been granted ONE wish, by a weak genie. You can’t wish for more wishes or anything that could be super beneficial. You can wish for things like gaining control of your offices thermostat, that dentists stop asking you questions when they have tools in your mouth, or when you order chicken...
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Bad Mom

Slacker and Steve - We Love Moms...but Some of Them Are Just Plain Bad! 9/13 (Audio)

Even a 10 year old knows not to drink and drive. Talk about a bad mom. What's your bad mom story?
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Dumpster Diving

Slacker and Steve - This Is an Extreme Way to Save Money! 9/13 (Audio)

So the saying is true! Another man's trash is another man's treasure! What's the coolest thing you've found while dumpster diving?
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Black Cat

Slacker and Steve - Steve Isn't Buying the Whole "Superstitious" Thing 9/13 (Audio)

We are superstitious, but we are a little stitious ;) Happy Friday the 13th! What are your superstitions?
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