Slacker and Steve


You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

A mom went undercover to catch her pervy son-in-law. Go get em! When have you gone “undercover” or heavily stalked someone on social media to find information?
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This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS! Even the makeup testers can have STDs on them!
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Don't Fall For Steve and His Hallmark Movies

NOOO NOT AMBER! She fell into Steve's trap and is watching Hallmark movies!
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OPP - Keeping the Name After the Divorce

Lauren got divorced from her husband 3 years ago, and she decided to keep her married name. He didn’t know she kept it until they had to meet up recently, and his new wife is not happy about it. She thinks that Lauren needs to change it back to her maiden name because it is “his” name. It was just...
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How is Slacker the Married One?

There are some habits for married couples that some say are okay, and others say are definitely not, like going to the bathroom with the door open, or staying out all night with friends, or telling white lies to make each other feel better. What are your tips to a healthy marriage?
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You Should Leave That At Home, Kiddo

Kids do the darndest things. A 5 year old brought a bag of heroin to kindergarten and told his teacher that he “turns into Spiderman” when he tastes it. The teacher called the cops and the father was arrested. What are your crazy show and tell stories?
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Is This Helpful To Be A Good Parent?

A mom admitted she smokes some weed every day because it “makes her a better parent.”
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Don't Get Sent Into A Holidaze

The holidays are STRESSFUL, especially when it comes to gift giving, ESPECIALLY when you’re broke! What are your holiday gift giving tips?
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OPP - Gunless Thanksgiving

Colin and Andrea are going to Thanksgiving at his grandma’s house, but Andrea is having second thoughts. One of Colin’s uncles has a concealed carry license, and is planning on bringing his gun to dinner. Andrea doesn’t want to go. Their two kids will be there, and what if something happens? Why is...
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We Can't All Be Graceful

Falling down happens a lot when we are young and it also happens when we are old, but it is ten times more embarrassing! What’s your funny fell down stories?
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