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Slacker and Steve - GMD - Their Daughter Is an Influencer, but Should She Leave College? 1/9 (Audio)

Chris and Nicole have a daughter who wants to make a big change. She wants to drop out of college and pursue her dream of becoming an Instagram influencer. Nicole says go for it. People are making livings off of it, and hard work pays off. Chris doesn’t think it’s the smartest thing to do, and she...
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Sunflower Selfie

Slacker and Steve - These Instagram Trends Need to Go! 10/24 (Audio)

We have a love/hate relationship with Instagram…It’s fun to stalk people, but it’s easy to get knee deep in stalking your ex’s cousin’s girlfriend… What are your pros and cons to social media?
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Slacker and Steve - OPP - She's In Love. He's Online. 6/24 (Audio)

Caroline’s boyfriend of two years, took some time off from social media, but he got back on and she’s not a fan. He doesn’t post much about their relationship, which she doesn’t mind, but he likes a lot of revealing photos of other women which does concern her. It’s making her feel self-conscious...
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BJ and Jamie - Tired of Social Media 10/25 (Audio)

A lot of people kept posting things that annoyed Jamie and she got frustrated with her Facebook. BJ says there is a study that says people are going to move on from Facebook pretty soon.
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Slacker and Steve - Social Media is Making Us Throw Away Our Clothes 10/15 (Audio)

Most people spend a lot of time on Instagram trying to post that perfect selfie. Wearing the right clothes is very important, so much so that 1 in 10 people are actually throwing away their clothes after being seen in them 3 times. Throwing them away. Not even donating them. How important are the...
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Sam Hill: Melt-Resistant Ice Cream, Custom Meteor Shower and More!

Where do American's want to work? Google used to hold the top spot but has recently been dethroned by Amazon according to LinkedIn. You can follow the link in this tweet to read the rest of the story. This year's #LinkedInTopCompanies are cultivating new cultures for their customers and employees...
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BJ & Jamie: Facebook Stock Took A Big Hit. 3/20 (Audio)

Facebook Stock Dropped and Mark Z lost $5 Billon because some guy said they sell our information to a third party for some reason. Some experts say this could be the end of FB! Fingers crossed! Read the Whole Story HERE! Video of Facebook's latest privacy scandal sends stock into downward...
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Sam Hill: Die to Live Forever, Rent the Field of Dreams House and More!

Would you be willing to die to live forever? I know, that doesn't necessarily make sense, does it? There's a new tech startup that claims they can perfectly preserve your brain so that in the future, you can be downloaded into a computer or a robot (when and if that tech is avail). But there is a...
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Instagram Might Bring The Chronological Feed Back

Don’t you dare get our hopes up, Instagram! Word on the street is Instagram is considering reverting back to showing posts in your feed in chronological order. The app, owned by Facebook, switched over to an algorithm-based feed in 2016. That feed shows you posts that the algorithm has decided to...
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BJ & Jamie: Riots In Philadelphia and Who Was That Kid? 2/5 (Audio)

There are news stories out this morning from Philadelphia is that the whole town rioted and people were climbing no roofs and pulling down light poles. One guy even eats horse poop in celebration of the win and others were burning a Christmas tree in the middle of the street shouting F Brady! And...
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