Sam Hill: Munchies and Does Adele Slowed Waaaay Down Sound Like Sam Smith? What?

Sometimes you realize the obvious- people with the munchies are totally going to buy some girl scout cookies: An entrepreneurial Girl Scout said she sold 312 boxes of cookies outside a San Diego pot shop this weekend, and her identity remains a mystery
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BJ & Jamie: Elon Musk Sends His Tesla Into Space. 2/7

We are still wondering about the Car the Elon Musk sent to space.. do we need more junk in space and will the car fall to Earth? Elon sent his own car into space it is his personal Red Roadster with a dummy behind the wheel with David Bowie’s song Space Oddity. Read all about the Space X Rocket...
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BJ and Jamie: SpaceX Trip to the Moon 2/28(AUDIO)

Two people have paid Elon Musk to take a trip to the moon. Jamies says "there is no way she would ever take a trip to the moon." Read the whole story HERE Video of SpaceX plans 2018 tourist flight around the moon
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