New Coronavirus Risk Chart Suggests Going to Bars Is as Risky as Going to a Big Concert

The Texas Medical Association has published a chart that breaks down the riskiest and safest activities when it comes to contracting COVID-19.
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Eco-Friendly Ways to Enjoy Water Sports This Summer

There are ways eco-conscious fitness enthusiasts can enjoy a healthy workout on the water and still minimize their carbon footprint this summer.
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Slacker and Steve - We Take Board Games Seriously! 6/22 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve discuss board games. Does it actually take skill to be successful at board games, or is it all luck? Do board games qualify as "sports"? It turns out we have some strong feelings about board games! What's your favorite?
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2020 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest to Be Held at Private Location Without Fans

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, the Fourth of July tradition at New York’s Coney Island, will go on this year, but with a few adjustments. The contest will be held in a private location and with no fans in attendance, reports TMZ.
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Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez Seeking to Raise Money to Buy Mets: Report

Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez are reportedly seeking capital and have retained JP Morgan as they prepare to make a bid on possibly buying the New York Mets, per Variety.
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Slacker and Steve - If Yelling Was In the Olympics, These Parents Would Medal! 9/24 (Audio)

ThIs Is WhY wE cAn’T hAvE nIcE tHiNgS! Too many parents are taking their kids’ sports too seriously that there aren’t enough referees. What’s the worst poor sport parent you’ve seen?
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Slacker and Steve - There's a Fine Line Between "Collection" and "Junk" 8/14 (Audio)

Remember Pogs? Those are pretty much worthless now. And Beanie Babies? Just toss them. What are your worthless collections?
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Slacker and Steve - This Mascot Made Sure That NBA Stood for 'No Bats Allowed' 1/30 (Audio)

I mean, they are a little annoying… A man went to jail for attacking a man in a “Minions” costume. The Utah Jazz mascot is being held a hero after catching a live bat on the court. When have you had a bad experience with a mascot?
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Slacker and Steve - Sometimes Mascots Cheer on the Team, Other Times They Beat Up the Fans 12/19 (Audio)

This fan became a jail bird after getting in a fight with the Chicago Blackhawks mascot, Tommy Hawk. When have you gotten in a fight with a mascot?
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BJ & Jamie: New Super Bowl Song! I Joined the HATRIOTS. 1/31 (Audio)

Super Bowl Weekend this weekend and no one really cares about the game. So Sean put together a new SB song. But Richard did write all the lyrics and do all the production on the song! Video of I JOINED THE HATRIOTS! Richard M. and Sean S.
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