Slacker and Steve - This Mom Can't Wait to Snoop on Her Kid When They Get a Phone 5/7 (Audio)

Snooping is bad, unless you don’t get caught;) 25% of Americans admit to snooping on their partner’s finances. What have you caught while snooping?
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BJ & Jamie: Jamie Thinks Facebook Is Listening 7/26 (Audio)

Facebook is listening to us! Jamie was talking about window wells and now she is having things pop up in her facebook feed related to window wells. We also discuss millenials cutting the cord.
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BJ & Jamie: Couple arrested for using drone to peep on neighbors! 2/21 (AUDIO)

A drone caused some runaway horses.. he flew too low to the heard and scared them.. There is Another story if a couple who used their Drone to fly around the neighborhood and look into people’s windows and bathrooms to see them naked. They have been busted and their children taken away. Read the...
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