Roller Coaster

Slacker and Steve - "Wait a Minute, Where'd Ya Get That Roller Coaster In Your Backyard Again?" 9/6 (Audio)

We can’t decide if these are stupid stealers, or kind of smart stealers? A woman was caught doing the ol bait-and-switch scheme after trying to steal a $28,000 ring from Costco (didn’t even know they sold jewelry there tbh). Another person stole a full roller coaster ride. Just drove off with it.
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Slacker and Steve - This Is a Crime He'll Never FOREget 3/8 (Audio)

Most of us take simple things like pens from work, but when your projects are a bit bigger, like Chris Hemsworth in Thor, you can get away with taking more, like Thor’s hammers. Confession time. What have you stolen from work?
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Slacker and Steve - So Some High School Kids and a Goat Walk Into a Bar...12/11 (Audio)

CALL THE COPS. We need to DNA test….yogurt? A woman reported one of her five roommates ate her yogurt and the cops ran a DNA test. It costed more than $500 to test all the roommates for the $2 yogurt, but they figured out which one it was and now she’s been charged with theft. What’s the stupidest...
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Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stealers 9/20 (Audio)

Oookaaayy. One woman stole more than $17,000 in stolen cookies. Apparently they were all part of a scam. Time to fess up, what’s the stupidest thing you’ve stolen? Or what’s been stolen from you?
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