Strong man

Slacker and Steve - Is Amber the manliest one on the show? 10/13 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve try to prove their manhood. Boys...oh boys...what's the dumb thing you seen someone do to prove their "manhood?"
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Rescue Workers

Slacker and Steve - The Guys Don't Think They Could Ever Be THIS Brave 1/7 (Audio)

These are some brave kiddos! What's the bravest thing you've done?
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Wounded Man with Doctor

Slacker and Steve - No, I Don't Need an Ambulance. I'll Walk! 10/30 (Audio)

One time, I removed a hang nail WITHOUT crying… Meanwhile, this man got shot 15 TIMES and WALKED into the ER. What’s the toughest thing you’ve done?
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Super Human Woman

Slacker and Steve - Are These People Super Human? Steve Doesn't Think So 9/26 (Audio)

These are some real life superheroes! One high school football player saved his neighbors life after lifting a car off his chest! Another woman bent metal bars with her BARE HANDS to save a deer. What are your super human stories?
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Slacker and Steve – The First Attack Left Him ‘Rattled’. The Second Attack Was Un’bear’able, but He Was Far From ‘Fin’ished

One man was attacked by a shark, attacked by a bear, and bitten by a rattlesnake within 5 years! That’s tough and a little bit of bad luck. What are your tough stories?
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