Sad Little Boy

Slacker and Steve - GMD - What Happened to Mom? 9/17 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve try to help Mike and Erin. They adopted their nephew, Lucas, after Mike’s sister passed. Lucas is six, and he’s starting to ask questions. Here’s where it gets dark. Mike’s sister committed suicide. Mike wants to tell Lucas the truth of what happened, but Erin...
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BJ & Jamie: Seattle Man Steals Commercial Airplane To Take His Own Life 8/13 (Audio)

A baggage handler at an airport in Seattle steals a commercial airplane and used it to take his own life. He talked with the controllers for a while and is asking if the plane can do tricks. At the end he says his is going to do a trick then nosedived into the ground, taking his own life. Read the...
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BJ & Jamie: Anthony Bourdain Found Dead at Age 61 6/8 (AUDIO)

Shocking news this morning anthony bourdain has taken his own life and the reports are coming out of France where he is filming a new show that he was found dead in his hotel room. Facebook Trending is gone. Read the whole story HERE! Video of Raw Craft with Anthony Bourdain - Episode One: Borough...
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BJ & Jamie: Avicii Cause of Death Discovered 5/1

More details about DJ Avicii’s death. He died from massive blood lose from a self-inflicted wound. The family made a statement saying he was not made for the music machine and was just an artist and the fame was too much for him. Father under fire for making a I’m A bully sign and making his bully...
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BJ & Jamie: Semi Trucks Team Up To Halt Suicide Jumper 4/25

There is a story out of Michigan of a man who is trying to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge, the police assembled 13 semis to park under overpass so if the man jumped he would not hit the ground. Read the whole story HERE Video of 13 trucks line up under a bridge to stop a man from...
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BJ & Jamie: Brad Pitt Suicide Malware! 9/28 (AUDIO)

There is a really bad Malware going around and it is a news story of Brad Pitt committing suicide. Do Not Click or it will trash your computer and ruin you smart phone! Read all about this Malware HERE HERE at TMZ
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